Web Accessibility

ClearPath Lending is committed to accessibility and inclusion. This commitment is demonstrated in helping families, veterans, and all kinds of people with their home buying needs. This core principle of accessibility extends to the online experience we create.

ClearPath Lending is in process of conforming to the general principles and best practices defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. ClearPath Lending reaches beyond compliance to provide usability improvements that benefit all users, including users who rely on assistive technology.

ClearPath Lending has a robust, internal accessibility program. We regularly test our website with assistive technology, including screen readers and color correction tools. Additionally, ClearPath Lending has commissioned third-party accessibility developers to not only review, but also redesign portions of the website. To build empathy with more than code, our website is tested and reviewed by disabled individuals using various assistive technology.

If you are a screen reader user, we recommend accessing the website with the following browser-screen reader combinations:

  • Windows: JAWS + Fire fox
  • Mac: Voice Over + Safari

ClearPath Lending hosts documents that are produced and maintained by other third party institutions. If you have trouble accessing any such documents or content, please contact us using the number listed below.

Technology is evolving and the implementation of online accessibility is rapidly changing. ClearPath Lending conducts regular accessibility reviews and makes updates and improvements to our site based on such reviews, as well as customer feedback. Accessibility is powered by a feedback loop.

We can easily be contacted at our direct number:

We also maintain an online point of contact for accessibility on our website:

Products and services available on this website are available at our office location and over the phone. We can also help assist in understanding the application process in person.

Here are just some examples of the accessibility features already available on our website:

  • Full keyboard navigation, following established UI patterns (e.g., Enter or Space for activating buttons; ESC key to close dialogs).