The annual percentage rates

  • The annual percentage rates (APR) shown assumes a $200,000 loan amount at 75% loan-to-value or less to refinance a single-family primary residence. Terms are based on a 15-year fixed-rate loan term paid in 180 monthly payments. The APR is based on up to 2% discount points and $1,995 for conventional loans ($2,995 for FHA loans), additional prepaid finance charges due at closing.
  • The example APR’s are based upon the above assumptions pending credit approval and, if you are approved, your actual contract interest rate may be higher or lower. In addition to your actual contract interest rate, other terms (such as closing costs, fees, taxes and insurance) may vary and will depend on the type of mortgage loan you choose, your lien position, your collateral and satisfaction of applicable creditworthiness requirements. Your final terms cannot be determined until after we have evaluated the information in your application and the property that will serve as collateral. Please ask your mortgage specialist for details.